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How it all began…
Dato: 13-03-2017 10:46
Publiceret af : Jonas Rasmussen
Yonex Denmark Open presented by Danisa is one of the greatest tournaments of the year. A Superseries Premier which all players dream about winning. Did you know that it is one of the oldest tournaments in the world? This is how it all started!

The history of the tournament goes back to 1936 where it was played in Copenhagen for the first time under the name “International Championships of Denmark”. The inspiration to this kind of tournament came from abroad. Danish players participated in international championships in different countries in Europe and the Badminton Association of Denmark (BAD) thought that we should have a tournament like that in Denmark – Denmark Open was born!

The Danes weren’t very hospitable the first year – they won all five events – but it changed in the years to come when more and more foreign players came to Denmark to participate in the tournament.

The Second World War put a stop to this new invention in Danish badminton. For five years Denmark Open waited in the dark and finally, in 1946 the tournament was back – the foreign players weren’t. Many countries were so marked by the long war that it took years before they sent players to Denmark again.

In 1967 and for many years to come the finals were played in K.B. Hallen in Copenhagen. Still, the preliminary rounds were in the beginning played at other sites but later on the whole tournament was played at one place. 

In 1986 BAD took a decision to move the tournament to different Danish cities. Aalborg was the first city to profit from this and Denmark Open has been played in many Danish mayor cities ever since. Besides Aalborg, Vejle, Farum, Aarhus and now Odense have hosted the tournament each for several years. 

The name of the tournament has changed with time. Up to the 1990'ties the tournament was The Danish Open. Then the tournament took a new name with a sponsor at the time (Realkredit Denmark) and has kept the name The Denmark Open as part of the title ever since. Now called Yonex Denmark Open presented by Danisa. 

The Denmark Open is the tournament in Denmark with most prestige and highest price money. Danes have taken the title several times. Morten Frost has taken a total of 8 titles – 7 in a row! – and profiles like Tonny Ahm, Kirsten Thorndahl, J. Hammergaard Hansen, Erland Kops, Finn Kobberø, Svend Pri, Flemming Delfs, Lene Køppen, Poul-Erik Høyer, Thomas Lund, Camilla Martin and Peter Gade have all won the tournament. The Danish players are always very motivated to do as good as possible on home soil with a big crowd cheering for them. Last year Christinna Pedersen and Joachim Fischer won the tournament in mixeddouble. 

In Odense spectators is seated very close to the courts, which give a fantastic atmosphere during the play. We already now look forward to Yonex Denmark Open presented by Danisa 2017 – and we hope to see you!

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