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Fischer shouts the Danish mixed double into the final!
Dato: 22-10-2016 16:09
Publiceret af : Stine Greve

They won back in 2011 and now Fischer and Pedersen have the chance to do it again as they are ready for the final after a two set victory against Chris and Gabrielle Adcock.

The crowd awoke as Joachim Fischer and Christinna Pedersen entered the arena to play their semi-final against ”the Adcocks” from England. It turned out to be an intense match where Fischer almost engaged in a shouting competition with the crowd as the match was coming to an end.

The Danes made a great start and got a quick 7-1 lead, but the Adcocks fought their way back and got a 8-7 lead. The lead went back and forth, but at the interval the Danes were leading 11-10.

The rest of the set was controlled by the Danes who won 21-16.

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As the second set went on it looked like it was going to be yet another close three set match between the two pairs as the Adcocks played much better and got an 18-14 lead, but then Fischer started shouting.

- It’s very stressful in there in the second set. They are good at stressing us and they force us to make bad decisions. We had to stop up and think for a while and get back to the tactic. When we have the courage to play with great confidence we play very well says Christinna Pedersen.

Three times Pedersen was about to hit the shuttle at the baseline, but as Fischer screamed:”No, no, no!” from the top of his lounges she let it fall. That turned out to be a clever decision since it turned out that Fischer was absolutely right – the shuttle was clearly out!

Each time it happened the crowd screamed in pure excitement and Fischer screamed back at both them and Christinna Pedersen to pimp himself up for the next rallies.

- I think it’s nice that Fischer screams and shouts like that. I hadn’t noticed that one of the shots were that far out. Our energy on court is what we are known for and it’s very important for us, says Pedersen.

The screaming seemed to do the trick for Fischer/Pedersen as they went from 14-18 to 21-18 securing the win and a ticket for tomorrow’s final.

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In the final they will be facing Zheng Siwei and Chen Qingchen for the first time ever. The Chinese have had a great year winning four tournaments so we could be in for a drama.

- It’s cool to be in final.  It’s just an awesome feeling to be there and to know that we have played very well, says Pedersen and concludes.

- We have to play as well tomorrow as we have done today and yesterday. We are facing two Chinese players who are really on a roll right know. They are extremely aggressive so it’s important that we are ready from the beginning. It will be fun to play somebody we haven’t played before, so right know we need to read up on them a little bit.

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