World record in Odense!
Dato: 16-10-2015 15:57
Publiceret af : Oliver Kjærhauge Okkels
Yesterday a rather strange world record was broken at Yonex Denmark Open presented by Danisa. In the last Women's Doubles of the day the longest rally ever happened.

256 shots in four minutes and 32 seconds. That was one of the rallies between japanese Fukuman og Yonao og Poon og Tse from Hong Kong. The rally will go over in history as the longest ever.

You can see the entire badminton rally in this video. Even though the japanese pair won the rally, they couldn't beat Poon and Tse, who won the match in three games with the score 21-15/15-21/21-14.

You can see much more world class badminton today at this link.

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