History of Copenhagen Masters

A crazy idea turned into a success. That’s how you best describe the history and development of Copenhagen Masters – the World’s most cosy tournament. 

In 1983 some optimists in the management of the Badminton Association of Denmark got the crazy idea to organize an invitational tournament with the best players in the world – between Christmas and New Years. It was something never seen before but the idea turned into a huge success from year one.

The site of play chosen for this event was special too. Cirkusbygningen in the centre of Copenhagen became the place of Copenhagen Masters until 2003. The concept of the tournament was having only one court. The distance between the actual court and the barrier boards doesn’t live up to international standards but it doesn’t matter in this tournament where badminton and show is combined. The spectators are also seated very close to the court so there’s always a great atmosphere at the Masters. 

Danish television, TV2, and Team Danmark were also important partners in the process of giving this tournament a good start. There is no other sport on television in the week between Christmas and New Years and Team Danmark helped getting sponsors for the event – and it succeeded. 

In 2004 Copenhagen Masters moved to Falconer Salen in Frederiksberg. The tournament and the concept were the same and it’s a tournament which the Danish players have won several times. Peter Gade holds the record with nine victories and there’s time for more and World no. 1, Tine Rasmussen, won her first title in 2008. 

It’s a very special tournament to play; there’s room for fun and joking on the court, spectacular shots and saves and the spectators can follow every little step and facial expression.

The Badminton Association of Denmark adds a very special atmosphere to the event by celebrating medal winners, retirering players as well as recognising other people of the Danish badminton community for their effort within badminton.

Without a doubt, Copenhagen Masters is the cosiest tournament in the World! It's the family event of the year, every year! 

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